Apr 22, 2020

In the morning, “Oh Lord, your hear my voice; in the morning I lay my requests before youand wait in expectation”Psalm 5:3
There is a reason why I love mornings. I love the smell of fresh air, I love that first cup of coffee, and I love sitting down with my very worn Bible and seeking comfort from the only place that consistently gives it, the Lord through His Holy Spirit. I lay my requests down and when I don’t even know how to do that I lay my head in my Bible and the Spirit lays them down for me. I wait in expectation.
Then the morning starts up and noise surrounds me and tasks and life and LIFE!. I stop waiting and start doing and all those requests that were laid down, written down WITH AN EXPECTATION are forgotten. There is a reason why I feel good in the morning and not so much in the afternoon. I have forgotten how to wait expectantly and more importantly I have forgotten how to “pray without ceasing” 1 TH 5:17.
Jesus says repent first. Lord forgive me for missing this simple request and promise.
Lord through your hands you sifted technology and if I can count my steps surely I can be reminded of your Holy Presence.
I was thinking of wearing a watch with a timer that reminds me hourly to act with a prayer until this habit becomes imprinted better. If anyone reads this, do you have a suggestion?



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